Meadowood House Incorporated 

Meadowood House Incorporated was registered as an Incorporated Society in 1991 and as a charitable entity under the Charities Act 2005 on 12 March 2008. 


The Auckland Council owns the community house building and Meadowood House Incorporated owns the community crèche building.

Meadowood House is managed by the Meadowood Management Committee:


Lissa Burton-Burn - Chairman

Lissa joined us at the 2015 AGM and has been involved with the community houses in the area for numerous years.  Lissa is passionate about making change to enhance meadowood community house, to better serve our community.


Evgeniia Shalabashkina - Treasurer

Evgeniia has recently been elected as our new Treasurer and brings with her valued experience which coincides with her Bachelor of Accounting, Analysis and Audits.  Along with this Evgeniia has also completed a Diploma in Commercial, Corporate & Finance Law and with a love of numbers, attention to detail and is a whizz with XERO she is an added asset to our committee.


Charlene Boyd - Secretary

Charlene joined us at the 2015 AGM as our secretary, she is a primary school teacher and brings with her a bright personality.


Armen Mkoian - Committee Member (User group representative)

Armen has a software engineering and development background and has joined us in 2021 as the User Group Representative.


Irinia Lyanguzova - Committee Member

Irina has been with Meadowood House since 2015 and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to make the accounting procedures robust and transparent.  Having received her Masters at Auckland University in 2016 as well as holding numerous lecturer positions teaching in this area, Irina is a valued coach and provides valued guidance and direction for our committee.


David Ding Committee Member

David's successful track record is a testament to his extensive knowledge of the North Shore property market and his ability to develop targeted marketing strategies.  Having experienced many different property cycles during his time in the industry, david also has a in-depth understanding of market trends.


David is well respected within his local community and enjoys supporting the Meadowood Community House, especially with the yearly events that they host during the year.


Amrita Sahay - Committee Member

At our 2021 AGM and we welcomed Amrita onto our committee as a valued member.  Amrita has a passion for the community, serving also as a volunteer for special needs children, along with being a talented IT Engineer in the banking sector.


Stefan Rodrigues - Committee Member

Stefan was also welcomed at our 2021 AGM onto our committee.  Stefan brings with him great financial knowledge as a financial and business advisor and is excited to serve his community as part a member of the committee.


Anna Migdalek-Jablonska - Committee Member

Ania brings with her awesome expertise as a Social Media & Operations Assistant, she is very excited to assist the committee with her fabulous marketing skills and bright personality.


Leona PageHouse Office Manager

Leona is our can-do house manager at Meadowood House, she brings with her a wide variety of experience from her previous positions, including that of running her own business and Auckland University, where she was in charge of organising over 450 students in the engineering facaulty.  Leona brings a calm confident can do attitude and a drive for excellence.


Valma Wills Creche Manager

Since 1998 Valma has managed Meadowood Creche with exceptional skill and has built a strong sense of community with the numerous creche families that have come through Meadowood Creche.  Valma has a strong passion for children and for the wider community, ensuring that every child receives the opportunity to learn and grow, with the support of the long standing teaching team.


Sara VisserAccounts Administrator & Marketing

Sara brings with her over 14 years of Office Management experience.  She has a vast range of skills and expertise ranging from administration right through to cashflow management and beyond.  She is very skilled in strategic planning and process development.